About Bespoke Design

Jena Satchell, founder

My name is Jena Satchell; mother, wife, former corporate Human Resource Executive/Business Owner with a passion for learning, DIY and home décor

My passion for DIY is genetic – I grew up in a family where ‘doing it yourself’ was a necessity.  My father, Joe Wolfe, was always taking something old and making it beautiful; whether an old run-down car or boat, or a piece of furniture, I was inspired by his vision of beauty – even though as a child I recall these things as being just old and ugly.  His brother, my Uncle Fred, a master craftsman and talented woodworking and renovation expert, did the same – though he did it as a career to support his family.  I remember thinking of all the time it took them to conceive, transform or build these things and was driven to grow up and get a job where I could just buy what I wanted.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized the gratification came from the process and beauty of transformation and the feeling of pride from doing it yourself.  By this time though, my career path lead to long days and many hours so making time for inspired creations of my own was scarce.  I was not delighted by the items I bought for my home nor were they inspiring.  I was disillusioned by instant gratification; never really satisfied with my personal home décor.  Worse than that, I realized that I never took the time to learn from these men whose talent, skill and abilities inspired me.

My Dad and Uncle Fred

Losing my position as Vice President of Human Resources of a large eCommerce company due to downsizing was the catalyst for Bespoke Design.  When it happened, I was devastated but quickly realized all that was sacrificed by years of long days and many hours of work.

I realized that I had the opportunity to learn skills that are no longer taught in schools; and to learn them from my Dad; my best friend, and that I had a responsibility to pass these skills along to my son.  I realized that I failed to make the time to learn from my beloved Uncle Fred who was no longer with us.

I realized that creating a place for people to come and learn some of these skills, to have access to tools and equipment they may not otherwise have, to create beautiful pieces of décor to proudly display in their homes and to do it in a comfortable, warm space with friends and family — was something I had to do… something I was driven to do… and so Bespoke Design was born.