Come join us at Bespoke Design studio

A Do-It-Yourself, home décor studio and workshop!

Bespoke Design studio offers a safe, warm and inviting space for beginners or expert DIY-ers to create bespoke, inspired home décor from start to finish.  Whether creating a wood plank sign or designer chalk board to proudly display in your home or office, a soft canvas pillow for your sofa or outdoor patio or deck furniture, a delightful centerpiece box, tray or custom cutting board, or any of our other enchanting designs, you’ll enjoy an experience at Bespoke Design Studio that will make you want to come back again and again and will have friends and family asking . . . “where on earth did you buy it?”

You bring your creative spirit, a willingness to learn new skills, and friends or family (and beer or a bottle of wine if you prefer) – we’ll provide the raw materials, tools, instruction and design inspiration.

The result; a delightful bespoke piece of home décor for you to enjoy for years to come. A piece you’ll be proud to proclaim that is was handmade by YOU – not store bought!

BESPOKE:  adjective be·spoke \ bi-ˈspōk , – \

a : custom-made;  a bespoke pillow

b : dealing in or producing custom-made articles; a bespoke DIYer